Friday, July 11, 2008

Long time...

Good lord it's been a month since I've posted!! GEEZ! So much for being a good blogger. Guess I'll 'funk it up' a bit by using a different font today. :-)

Let's see, I was SUPER excited to be one of the guest designers at
Holy cow I had awesome goodies to work with and Stacy is an absolute sweetheart to work with!!! Talk about SWEET!!! I had TONS of fun working with the kit and felt SO honored to be asked to be a guest designer!!!!

I saw my name in print as an honorable mention at and that was pretty cool. :-) Trish is another sweetheart too! :-)

Hard to believe that my oldest is 21 today. :-( I won't really talk about it because it's depressing for me on so many levels.....anyway........

THANK GOD it is Friday!! I sure hope the weekend doesn't fly by as fast as last weekend. Gonna try and get some cute workout clothes this weekend (I NEED motivation) and find a suit for my big ol' butt for the ONE time I might to swimming this year. Just the thought of it makes me wanna reach for a chocolate bar or a cold BudLight sounds really, really good right now because it is freakin' HOT outside and we all know how much I love the heat...NOT!!!

peace and blessings to everyone!!!!!!!!


Ryzmomplus2 said...

Your back! Glad to see an upbeat post :) - congrats on the Zanny Zinnia and the work in progress!

MAM said...

Hope your swim suit shopping went well!

Monica (BPS Classmate)